Very Extremely

Eddie Hinton played guitar for the famous Muscle Shoals studio during the studio’s peak towards the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, when it was used to record some of the most famous names in soul — Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, and the Staples Singers (the Stones also stopped by the studio on an American tour to record “Wild Horses” and “Brown Sugar” for their album Sticky Fingers).  Its hard to figure out exactly how many projects Hinton was involved in, but some people suggest he wrote “Breakfast In Bed,” for Dusty Springfield’s classic Dusty In Memphis, and played with Elvis Presley and others.  When Duane Allman, founding guitarist in the Allman Brothers, who also played guitar at Muscle Shoals for a spell (Allman can be heard playing guitar on this song by Aretha), left the studio to form his new band, he supposedly invited Hinton along, but Hinton turned him down.

Hinton also did some solo work, recording the album Very Extremely Dangerous in 1978.  Southern soul was kind of out of favor at that point, and Hinton’s label fell apart not long after the album came out.  After that, he bounced around; he was homeless for a little while, got back on his feet, and recorded a few more albums in the 90s before suffering a heart attack. But Very Extremely Dangerous and other compilations of his recordings (compilations of material from soul studio session players are often excellent) would have fit nicely with the albums Muscle Shoals was putting out when Hinton was in residence.  Hinton can belt with the best of them.

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