Coloring Obsession

Captain’s Dead posted the fairly new Replacements documentary Color Me Obsessed here.

I saw the movie in DC, and there are lots of fun stories about the ‘Mats in it.  No interviews with members of the band though.

After the movie, the director got up and spoke, and that was where the movie experience started to go downhill.  The gentleman claimed that he buys threeish albums every week looking for something as good as Replacements’ albums, and that he has struggled to find anything at that level.  The last ‘Mats album was released in 1990, so that means he has bought 3 albums a week * 52 weeks in a year * 22 years = 3,432 albums without finding anything as good as the Replacements, which I think I can safely say is idiotic.  The Mats had some great stuff; they were also plagued by inconsistency, bad production choices, and interband squabbles/substance abuse that hindered them as much as it helped them.  The director then went on to state that the three best American songwriters are Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul Westerberg, an approach to thinking about music that seems to completely ignore the presence of anyone other than white males. He left a bad taste in my mouth.

One of the great Replacements’ tracks below, which puts a nice twist on the hook from this:

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