Do You Think I Really Care

“Do You Think I Really Care” comes from Place Pigalle, a four volume Rolling Stones’ bootleg containing material recorded between 1971 and 1981.  Some of the songs are early or alternate versions of tracks that eventually saw the light on official albums, like “Waiting On A Friend” or “Tops,” which appeared on Tatoo You, the last good Stones album (most, if not all, of it was culled from previously unreleased demos and outtakes, sometimes from as far back as 1972). “Do You Think I Really Care” was recorded in Paris in 1978 during the sessions for Some Girls, the last Stones session to produce truly great songs.  But for some reason “Do You Think” didn’t appear in 1978, and it was never released afterwards.  Perhaps the Stones thought it was too laid back for the fiery Some Girls, which worked hard to prove the Stones could still produce something artistically relevant in a world dominated by punk one hand and disco on the other. But it’s hard to make that case, since that album contained a Temptations cover and an extremely slow-rolling piece of country.  At any rate, “Do You Think” should’ve landed on something official.  It shows the Stones unleashing their loosest, grooviest country-rock, with a steady chug shooting off ribbons of slide guitar. It would’ve made Keith Richards’ former friend Gram Parsons (dead of a drug overdose in 1973) proud.

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