Prince Online?

I read an article suggesting that Prince, who has long been allergic to the internet, may have established a semi-official website for the new year.  It doesn’t seem to contain much, though there is a new song on there, a piece of streamlined guitar pop called “Screwdriver.”  The article also mentioned this strange Youtube channel, which has another new track, “Chapter & Verse,” consisting of Prince wandering around on top of a funk vamp.  I was more interested in the performance of “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man” found on the same channel.  Originally an irresistible bubble that refused to burst (from the 2nd half of the Sign O’ The Times album), Prince transforms the song into a long, tragic ballad. Of course, there isn’t any youtube footage of the original song anywhere, because Prince refuses to let anything appear on the internet.  If you’ve got spotify, you can find the original here.  Below, a live cover that fellow Minneapolis natives The Replacements did of the song. “I hope you can dig it.”


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