Archie’s Easy

Archie James Cavanaugh is from Alaska, and he’s a member of an Alaskan tribe, the Tlingit. There may be other musicians from Alaska in my music collection, but I think that state is under-represented. (Archie is definitely the only Tlingit artist whose music is in my possession.) He put together one album in the 80s, Black And White Raven; I came across the title track, “Take It Easy,” on a compilation from the Numero label–always a good place to encounter randomly awesome things. I managed to find the rest of the album, which is solid but unremarkable–“Take It Easy” is the gem. It could easily have been recorded by Hall and Oates in 1975, when they were working on their R&B-influenced sound. Make sure to check the video below. I love the way there are shots of Archie dancing around in front of the mountains and the setting sun, but you can’t really tell that its him because the light’s gone. Also major props for the tucked in t-shirt.


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