(Call Me Your) Anything Man

There’s something about the tone of 70s soul ballads that’s nearly impossible to replicate, a combination of powerful affection and total melancholy that allows songs to elegantly portray love and loss simultaneously. A tune like Leroy Hutson’s “So In Love” is all about how Hutson has fallen head-over-heels for some girl, but it sounds so darn sad, like things are likely to fall apart at any moment. Another song in that vein which I recently discovered is Bobby Moore’s “(Call Me Your) Anything Man.” (On a side note, I love songs titles that employ parentheses.)

Who is Bobby Moore? No clue. Discogs lists about 8 vinyl singles that he released over the course of the 70s; he may be best known because Tom Moulton, disco producer extraordinaire, remixed “Anything Man” on one of his famous dance-friendly compilations.  He may also be the same Moore who fronted a group called the Rhythm Aces, but I can’t really tell. “Anything Man” sets Moore and his band in a race against a cold drum machine.  It sounds as if he has to convince that constant ticking to give him a chance–if he can’t melt the heart of the beat, how will he touch the heart of a girl? The bass, piano, strings, guitar, and vocals all take turns twirling and fluttering around the percussion, but it plays on, uncaring. Moore, desperate for anything, is left with nothing.


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