Sundy Best Interview

When I wrote about Sundy Best for Splice Today, the band was kind enough to answer some questions over email. Parts of the interview appeared in the piece, here’s the rest:

A couple of the songs on the new album—“Lily 14” and “I Wanna Go Home”—are updated versions of songs from your first release. Why did you choose to rework those particular songs?

Both of those songs have been very good to us since the beginning. We loved how they turned out on Door Without a Screen, but after having have played them live for a couple years now, they’ve both changed slightly. So we wanted to capture a little more of that live energy this time, and we also felt that they fit with the rest of the songs on Bring Up The Sun. The first album was all acoustic, so it was fun seeing these songs come back to life with electric guitar, steel guitar, etc added in.  

The drumming really stands out on your album relative to a lot of other country releases. I’ve read that you use a cajon instead of a traditional drum set. Why did you decide to use it?

I’ve always played the drums, and even when we first got together in 2010, I was still playing the drums. Some of our first gigs were at restaurants, and as you know, it’s hard to turn the volume up or down on a drum set. I saw a cajon being used on a youtube video, and decided to go buy one and try it out. It fit what we were trying to do and soon after seemed to be getting more of a response from people in the crowd. It was an organic process, and ultimately helped shape our overall sound. 

How’d you land your deal with eOne? Did you do much recording beforeDoor Without A Screen, or was that your first time in the studio?

Door Without a Screen was our first real experience in the studio. The deal with eOne came after we met our now manager, Van Fletcher, who introduced us to Mike Olsen and the rest of eOne. It’s been a great fit for us, allowing us to continue making our own music in our own unique way. 

I read that RS Fields produced Bring Up The Sun. How did you connect with him?

He and Van had worked together previously on some projects. We dug his work on a couple albums that he had produced, and after meeting him we quickly learned we all had the same vision for what we were trying to do. 

Do you listen to much contemporary country? Who’s exciting to you right now (in or out of country)?

Being so busy on the road playing shows and traveling, we don’t get to listen to as much music as we’d like. Digging on the new Eric Church record lately. We love Chris Stapleton, who is also from our neck of the woods in eastern KY. Sturgill Simpson is also a Kentuckian that needs to be known. The Cadillac Three are doing some killer stuff as well. Out of Country, we really like Kings of Leon and Gary Clark Jr. We’re old school too though, we still listen regularly to the Eagles, Bob Seger, Petty, Allman Bros. That stuff never gets old. 

Sturgill Simpson, another country singer from Kentucky, is putting out an album in May. Obviously the state has always had a lot of musical talent, but do you think there is a new round of talent about to hit the scene?

We think so. The talent has always been here, sometimes it just takes a couple breaks and some luck for the talent to get out and get noticed. Kentucky, especially eastern KY, has always been rich in musical talent. We’re hoping to help bring attention back to the Kentucky music scene. Right now is a very encouraging and fun time for Kentucky musicians/artists. We still live here in KY, and we’re starting to see more and more artists rise up and chase their dreams. It’s very cool to see!

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