The Dream vs. Jeremih

I wrote about free EPs from R&B singers Jeremih and the Dream. Below, Jeremih’s latest radio hit, “Don’t Tell ‘Em,” which does not appear on the EP.


Cherry Glazer

I wrote about/interviewed the band Cherry Glazer. 2 of the 3 members are still in high school! Below, check out their ode to grilled cheese.

Searching for Roger Miller’s House: Bradford Lee Folk

I wrote about a new bluegrass album from Bradford Lee Folk. Read the piece here, and listen below.



There Goes Gravity

I reviewed a memoir by the music journalist Lisa Robinson. She’s had more experience in pop than almost anybody, but spends a lot of time rehashing the same old rock history that has been dissected countless times.

An Interview with Melat

I wrote about and interviewed a young R&B singer named Melat for Splice Today. Read the piece here, and listen to her “Move Me” below.

Ultimate Dance Party Revisited

I wrote a piece about the increasing number of artists making music that sounds like it could have appeared on the ’90s Ultimate Dance Party compilations. Right now, most of these acts are from abroad–Kiesza, Duke Dumont, Gorgon City–but soon Americans will get on board. Check out Kiesza’s “Hideaway,” below, and also the song “Show Me Love,” from 1993, which provides the kind of template a lot of the new stuff is building on.


Man on the Run

I reviewed a new book, Man on the Run, about Paul McCartney in the ’70s. Here’s McCartney doing disco.

Joe and Trey Songz, Trying to Keep up

I wrote about two new albums by somewhat older R&B singers, Trey Songz and Joe. Right now, there is no dominant male R&B singer, so all the boys are looking for any edge they can find in a competitive market, meaning that injecting increasing levels of sexuality into their music plays an increasingly important role. This can put the older guard in a tight spot. Below, one of Joe’s hits from 1997, “Don’t Wanna Be A Player.”

Zoe Muth’s World of Strangers

I wrote about Zoe Muth, a singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas, and her excellent new album World of Strangers. See the piece here. Below, listen to “Mama Needs A Margarita,” one of the strongest traditional country songs of the year.

Tove Lo and Erik Hassle: Love as a Gateway Drug

This year, the two Swedish pop singers that have been getting the most attention are Lykke Li and Robyn, but I wrote about a couple of up and comers: Tove Lo and Erik Hassle. Listen to Hassle’s “Ready For You” below.

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