Archival Music Releases

I wrote a piece about “archival” music releases for Diffuser. I discuss three different types of these albums. The first, Wheedle’s Groove, focuses on a specific regional scene–the soul and funk of Seattle. The second, Too Slow To Disco, is like a glorified mix tape you might make your friend. The last one, L’Amore, is a reissue of an album that was privately pressed and barely heard back in 1983. Below, listen to Lewis’ “Cool Night In Paris.”



I wrote about two new albums from Dawn Landes and Lydia Loveless for Splice Today. Both women get a lot of mileage out of classic pop themes–Landes leans towards folk and country, while Loveless works more in the Tom Petty/Pretenders/Stevie Nicks mode. Below, the title track to Landes’ album “Bluebird.” Read the piece here.

(The dancer in this video, Storyboard P, recently earned a profile in The New Yorker.)

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