Ben Watt, Master of Reinvention


I wrote about the new album from Ben Watt–and interviewed him a little bit–for Diffuser. See the piece here. Watt started out playing acoustic pop, then spent twentyish years as one half of Everything but the Girl, and has continued to successfully reinvent himself after that. His website is a lot of fun. Below, a track from Watt’s first solo release back in 1983.


Classic Influences

I wrote about new albums from The War on Drugs, the Men, and the Drive-By Truckers, all of which wouldn’t sound out of place in the late ’70s or ’80s. It used to be that “indie” artists rebelled against these sounds; now they all embrace them. Check out the piece here.

An old Drive-By Truckers track:


If you’re more of a ballad person:


Waging Heavy Peace

I reviewed Neil Young’s new autobiography, Waging Heavy Peace, for Paste.

Early Crazy Horse

This is a video of Danny & The Memories — 3 of whom later became Crazy Horse, and worked with Neil Young on all his great albums — covering Wilson Pickett.


They certainly changed a lot by the time they were playing with Neil:


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