The Jesus Lizard Book

I reviewed a book about the rock band Jesus Lizard for Paste. It’s the latest in a steadily increasing pool of books looking at indie guitar bands from the ’80s and ’90s.


Wigging Out

I wrote about Stephen Malkmus’s new album, Wig Out Jagbags, for Splice Today. See the piece here. Malkmus has now put out more albums solo or with his group the Jicks than he did with Pavement, the ’90s rock band that made him famous. Check out “Summer Babe” from Pavement’s first album.


I wrote about the new album Surfin’ Strange, from the band Swearin’, for Splice Today. Swearin’ work with the material of classic ’80s and early ’90s indie rock, but manage to do more than just regurgitate. Read the piece here.

Below, one of the more Pavement-esque songs, “Watered Down.”


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