I wrote about a book compiling BBC interviews with the Beatles for the Atlantic. See the piece here. The Beatles obviously did a lot of great stuff, but some of their earliest tunes might still be my favorites:


Apples vs. Oranges

I wrote about the Beatles vs. Stones book for Paste. As I argue here, the whole premise of the book doesn’t make a lot of sense. First, the two bands did different things. Second, the Beatles were unquestionably better than the Rolling Stones in the ’60s. Third, most of the Stones’ best work came after the Beatles broke up. According to the Stones’ manager, Andrew Oldham, when the Stones were recording the song “We Love You,” John & Paul came into the studio and “rescued the record… The two Beatles… picked up the [headphones] and sniffed each other out like two dogs in heat for the right part… John and Paul just glided in and changed a runway into an airplay with wings.”

Double Trouble

I wrote about new double albums from Cass McCombs and Arcade Fire, as well as the double album more generally, for Splice Today. Read the piece here.

Below, an old Cass McCombs song, “County Line,” which leans towards Fleetwood Mac and sleek, country-tinged ’70s pop.

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