Archival Music Releases

I wrote a piece about “archival” music releases for Diffuser. I discuss three different types of these albums. The first, Wheedle’s Groove, focuses on a specific regional scene–the soul and funk of Seattle. The second, Too Slow To Disco, is like a glorified mix tape you might make your friend. The last one, L’Amore, is a reissue of an album that was privately pressed and barely heard back in 1983. Below, listen to Lewis’ “Cool Night In Paris.”


Purple Snow

I wrote about a new compilation from the Numero Label, Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound, for the Atlantic. Read the piece here.

Below, one of the my favorite productions from Minneapolis-funksters Jam & Lewis, Janet Jackson’s “When I Think Of You.”

Gigolos Get Lonely Too

In 1982, the same year Prince released the outstanding album 1999, he also wrote all the songs and played all the instruments on the album What Time Is It?, which he released through one of his (many) other musical projects, the Time.  Morris Day, the Time’s lead singer pictured on the album cover — who plays along side Prince in the movie Purple Rain — added lead vocals to the tracks. (Prince sang back up, and another band that Prince wrote songs for, a girl group named Vanity 6, also added some vocals.)  While What Time Is It? may not be quite as wide-ranging and innovative as 1999, it’s a stellar album of Prince’s best funk and R&B, and its concise — 6 songs and about 38 minutes, as opposed to the 70ish minutes of 1999.  The intro to”Gigolos Get Lonely Too” echoes “Little Red Corvette,” and then Prince launches it into a springy ballad, amusing and heartfelt in the way that only Prince can be.

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