Country Funk Comp Shows the Strange Treatment of Country Music

I wrote about a new compilation of country music and the strange way the genre is treated by the press for the Atlantic. Below, one of the songs off the compilation, which shows the singer Bob Darin basically rapping–in 1969.


Sturgill Simpson and Nikki Lane Rework Classic Country

I wrote about two new country albums from Nikki Lane and Sturgill Simpson for Splice Today. While a lot of country singers are trying to cross over to pop right now, Lane and Simpson are sticking firmly to an older, classic sound. Below, Simpson’s “The Promise,” which is a great cover of a fun ’80s pop hit.

Lonesome, Down, and Out

I wrote about Jason Eady’s excellent new country album, Daylight and Dark, for Splice Today. Read the piece here. I got to interview Eady for the piece as well. A live performance of Eady’s “Lonesome, Down, and Out” below.


Don’t Call Him An Outlaw

I wrote about the debut album from the country singer Sturgill Simpson for Splice Today, see the piece here. Here’s his song “Life Ain’t Fair,” which opens the album.

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